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So I decided to start a new part in my blog, a recurring title called ” Out and About”. simply, I’m going to share articles and information I find during my daily Internet browsing. so here we go for the first one.

Year in Focus, Getty Images collection of 2012

Getty is distributing the collection of their best work in 2012. the book is accessible both in print and online. it will also be available to readers as an Apple iBook.

This year’s book goes beyond print to offer readers something more – specifically an online version which incorporates video, 360 and gigapixel imagery, and an iBook version launching in February, which will be available for free through the Apple app store.

An image shot by Getty Images photographer Iwan Baan during the aftermath of the storm Sandy, opens the collection. Here is the story behind that picture.

Dubai GPP2013 Workshops: Star packed and awesome

This event is going to be awesome. Just take a look at the list of the instructors GPP has gathered in Dubai. Oh, Joe Mcnally is going to be there to rock everybody with his unique teaching style. I mean damn it, the man made me fall in love with photography. No wonder his classes are already sold out, But it seems there are still seats available for his Lighting with small Flash Seminar.


I really believe the GPP Event is one of the greatest photography workshop events all around the world. I guess this is the second year that they are holding the event and I they really bring in the best that there is. David Burnett! Just imagine how many things one can learn from him. Look at his classes, they are all sold out.

The man who shot the “Last Roll of Kodachrome”

Legendary National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry, who has shot more than 800,000 photos on Kodachrome film, posted a gallery of the pictures on his website.From his weblog:

Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas, was the last lab on the planet to process Kodachrome and stopped developing the iconic film forever. When Kodak stopped producing the film, they gave me the last roll. When I finished shooting the final frames, I hand-delivered  it to Parsons. Here are a few of those last 36 frames.


A lot of you might know Steve McCurry by his iconic portrait of the Afghan Girl, Sharbat Gula. Take a look at his gallery, almost all of his pictures are iconic!




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